Rainbow cakes

My best friend and I made these beaut cakes! 
Ok gay pride's been and gone and these would have been perfect, but why not just have rainbows all the time.
My face says it all really...

Face improvements

Sheikha is an excellent facepainter and photographer, transforming my ugly face into this magnificence:

Modelling for her was wild fun and I hope I get to do it again soon.

Watched too much Changing Rooms as a child!

While recovering from swine flu and feeling terribly LOVESICK and ABANDONED (thanks to SOME PEOPLE are gallivanting in the USA)

I have been decorating my room!

Seeing if I can do it for under a tenner by getting crafty. Progress so far:

Chandelier - £0 (I made it with 3 wire hangers and some old jewellery. Am guna add more ribbons and stuff. Mmm flammable!)
Picture boards - 3 x £1.50 cork boards from Tesco
- £3 flowery duvet cover set (charity shop)
- FREE staple gun (stole it from school...)
- and all my jewellery and old postcards!

I put my pearls on Lenin, doesn't he look dashing!?
Already had him and all this other mess lying around.
Vintage sewing machine - £0 (given to me by my Dad's girlfriend's grandmother!)

Oh and my pillow collection is growing!
The flowery ones are new, from the set I used to cover the boards. MATCHING!!

So the total so far = £7.50!

Leaving school

When asked what we would miss we said NOTHING.
And this, of course.