Horniman museum

The first time I went to the Horniman was with my best friend and her gran; we were about 8.
We loved the torture chair!
I've recently been back a few times to draw animals; it's surprisingly quiet in the daytime in the summer. I sat for hours.
This creepy little guy is a 'merman' - they were often brought back by Victorian sailors and passed off as exotic sea creatures. Really they're just half a monkey sewed to a fish tail. Gross!
People were more gullible back then I guess.
There's a really good merman at the weird shop/museum near my house, its huge and hangs from the ceiling. Go and see it! There's an interesting man called Victor who sits there all day and you can chat to him about his creepy collection. I do that sometimes.

Polly Morgan

I've been looking at birds and animals for my Darwin project, which led me to Polly Morgan, an extremely talented taxidermist/artist.

She's my hero because...she makes art out of dead animals. Also because Mat Collishaw is her other half, she used to manage the Electricity Showrooms and she looks like this:

I'm so impressed

Darwin sketchbook: Part IV

As a child I was obsessed with fossils and wanted to be an archeologist. Now I just like drawing them.
"he boiled pigeons to remove their flesh"

I don't really know where I'm going with this but it's fine.

Darwin sketchbook: Part III



in birds

Darwin sketchbook: Part II

Victorian England

Captain Fitzroy and H.M.S Beagle
'on the ship, Darwin grew a beard'
"my face at present looks of about the same tint as a half-washed chimney sweep OMG. LOL."
maybe I added that last bit


The Galapagos Islands

Darwin sketchbook: Part I

"as a child he liked to collect birds' eggs and wax seals on letters"

"his hat was made of beaver skin...he also liked to wear silk scarves'

"he went to Cambridge to study for the clergy"

In a bit of a pickle

Years ago my friend Emily and I went to the Natural History museum to look at animals.
After a while we got bored of this and Emily insisted on finding what she called the 'secret behind-the-scenes section of pickled animals in jars'. We didn't find anything of the sort, despite persistently pestering bemused staff about it. These jars simply didn't exist! Or so I thought...
...until i recently discovered a huge new part of the museum: The Darwin Centre.

Creepy pickled things in jars GALORE.
Can't wait to show Emily.
Look it does exist...go there!

Tomorrow in A Year

I like Charles Darwin.
I love the Knife.
I went to see the Knife's electro opera about Charles Darwin.

I need to see The Knife live. And Fever Ray. Bascially Karin Dreijer Anderson, marry me.

One man's trash...

An outdoor exhibition organised by a guy in my class.
It was in an unusual location...alongside Regents Canal.


A sneaky peek at my project...

...I've been a very busy bee.