Poison apple

An ordinary day for me and Hannah: she took photos of me poncing around on a mouldy tomb in Hackney, pretending to be some kind of supervillain!

I dyed my hair


Dita and a criminal

I met Dita von Teese!

Can't remember where I found this image but I LOVE IT
I love how nonplussed she looks.

Not a real Power

"I didn't even realize I wasn't wearing underwear until the magazine came out."
Chan Marshall aka Cat Power
by Richard Avedon

Here's a picture I drew of her a while ago: 

Time travel

I went back to 1965 to find some lookalikes of 60s icons
to model a (kind of hideous) jacket I found.
Here's who I discovered:

Edie Sedgwick


Thanks to my sister Grace and my friend Alice. And her kitten.


I just discovered poladroid...

The most cake...

...launch party.

I've recently been a bit obsessed with The Most Cake, which is a bit like Vice but for lesbians. It has articles like THIS , which might as well have come from my own brain! TMC is a welcome alternative to other lesbian/pop culture sites (After Ellen etc) which, although massively successful, seem to be aimed at a much older and more general audience. This one actually seems to have a sense of humour and more emphasis on PRETTY THINGS, for shallow people like me.

So on Saturday I went along to their launch party to hoard free cakes and snoop around.

(We bumped into our friend, the very glamorous CRAIG TEMPLATE)

Moon Milk

I'm currently a bit obsessed with Ryan McGinley, I think he's going to be massive. I haven't made it to his 'Moon Milk' show yet but I can't wait to see it.
Anyway, I was reading an interview he did with Vice and this bit made me happy

"Do you believe in the healing power of crystals, or anything?
I think they have healing powers because they’re so beautiful. Like, the way that animals can heal. I think if something is really amazing to look at, it can heal people."
...because it's nice to know some artists appreciate things which LOOK NICE rather than having to mean something or make a statement. I believe it's ok for art to make people happy because it's beautiful, instead of always trying to be so clever. That often just leads to misery and confusion.

I agree with McGinley; healing can come from appreciation of something or someone beautiful or talented. There's a reason they have murals and paintings in hospitals.

Intelligent questions about dairy products

I was having a nice disgusting milkshake from McDonalds today and it reminded me of this website my friend was telling me about so I looked it up.

But I couldn't stop reading.


Mmm, don't know about you but I fancy some lard/beetles/poo.

Some of my summer snaps

Well since the lovely Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim I got on ebay last Summer had MORE THAN QUADRUPLED in price when I went to replace it (!?) I opted for a new toy camera: a waterproof one from Japan called 'Silly'.
I am yet to try it underwater, but it keeps nice and safe in my bag (I always spill things) so that's good. Here's some snaps from the first roll of film:

From top: France, Ibiza, Chislehurst, Orpington, London
I want a scanner so much! I have to take digital photos of everything at the moment; NOT SO GREAT.

Rainbow cakes

My best friend and I made these beaut cakes! 
Ok gay pride's been and gone and these would have been perfect, but why not just have rainbows all the time.
My face says it all really...

Face improvements

Sheikha is an excellent facepainter and photographer, transforming my ugly face into this magnificence:

Modelling for her was wild fun and I hope I get to do it again soon.

Watched too much Changing Rooms as a child!

While recovering from swine flu and feeling terribly LOVESICK and ABANDONED (thanks to SOME PEOPLE are gallivanting in the USA)

I have been decorating my room!

Seeing if I can do it for under a tenner by getting crafty. Progress so far:

Chandelier - £0 (I made it with 3 wire hangers and some old jewellery. Am guna add more ribbons and stuff. Mmm flammable!)
Picture boards - 3 x £1.50 cork boards from Tesco
- £3 flowery duvet cover set (charity shop)
- FREE staple gun (stole it from school...)
- and all my jewellery and old postcards!

I put my pearls on Lenin, doesn't he look dashing!?
Already had him and all this other mess lying around.
Vintage sewing machine - £0 (given to me by my Dad's girlfriend's grandmother!)

Oh and my pillow collection is growing!
The flowery ones are new, from the set I used to cover the boards. MATCHING!!

So the total so far = £7.50!

Leaving school

When asked what we would miss we said NOTHING.
And this, of course.

Dear Sit

I found this in an old pack of typing paper that my grandmother gave to my mother to give to me.
(also a mystery is why my mother would give me ANYTHING, which you'll understand if you've ever met that pscyho)

I think the typewriter belonged to my uncle Ian who was trying to type a letter. Then along came Sandy/Alex, another uncle (who I don't think I've ever met) who RULES OK(!) Liz is his wife. Maybe they were all drunk.

20p! When I was little I used to play a game where I had an imaginary shop. EVERYTHING in my shop was 20p. I would like to go to this shop now.

Karl loves building sites

Some words of wisdom from my favourite crazy designer-who-used-to-be-fat:

"I'm rather pro-prostitution...Thank goodness for it. People need relief or they become murderers."

"Friendship is often used to describe something you are indifferent about. You shouldn't trivialise these things."

Notice in the men's toilets in Chanel office:
"Pissing everywhere isn't very Chanel"

On possessions (despite owning a library and at least 25 iPods): "I don't care for them."

"I love the smell of building sites."