Moon Milk

I'm currently a bit obsessed with Ryan McGinley, I think he's going to be massive. I haven't made it to his 'Moon Milk' show yet but I can't wait to see it.
Anyway, I was reading an interview he did with Vice and this bit made me happy

"Do you believe in the healing power of crystals, or anything?
I think they have healing powers because they’re so beautiful. Like, the way that animals can heal. I think if something is really amazing to look at, it can heal people."
...because it's nice to know some artists appreciate things which LOOK NICE rather than having to mean something or make a statement. I believe it's ok for art to make people happy because it's beautiful, instead of always trying to be so clever. That often just leads to misery and confusion.

I agree with McGinley; healing can come from appreciation of something or someone beautiful or talented. There's a reason they have murals and paintings in hospitals.

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