Guidebooks for a hungry traveller: Paris

A peek inside the first of 2 handmade books I made to be hidden inside baguettes.

Based on my visits to France, they're full of unusual facts and advice that I picked from my friends there.

see them full size/with text here

Baguette books

For my final piece, I made these books and hid them inside baguettes because they're full of secret facts about French cities. They're basically guidebooks for people travelling to the North (Paris, the top half of the baguette) and/or South (Toulouse, the bottom half) of France.


The idea struck me when I visited to both places in April and stayed with friends who revealed information about each city that you wouldn't find in a normal guidebook. I wanted to share this in a unique way, so I used bread to make the facts and drawings in the books a more sensory experience.

I also thought it might be fun to market this as a product for students, they could eat the bread for lunch and keep the books as a memory of their trip. I'll be uploading the drawings soon.