CocoRosie at the Union Chapel 4/05/10

This was the first time I saw them live. The venue was perfect; a Victorian gothic church lit with candles and beams of red and blue.

Took this on my phone before it got dark. All other images aren't mine.

The Casady sisters appeared wearing (like their music) a bizzare combination of street style and storybooks, Bianca's military jacket making her the fairytale prince to Sierra's tracksuited hip hop princess.

I don't know if they always do, but they had such an odd stage presence. Sierra flung herself around the stage, flittering between instruments and wringing her hands as she sang. Bianca barely moved, swaying awkwardly behind her microphone.
It was as though they were the only two people in the room. In the world, even. Ethereal and detached, they spoke to the audience only once, to tell us that they 'don't understand English' (They do, it's their first language...)

Photos from Tom Watkins

Though they predominantly played tracks from the brand new (and brilliant) Grey Oceans, the highlight of the show for me was a beautiful reworked version 'Rainbowarriors' or perhaps this amazing cover:

As we sat there, utterly bewitched,
I thought who better to be here with than my sister.

photos my own

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